Sorry, I’ve been kind of MIA for the last few days. Usually, I post every other day but I’ve been a little delayed recently. It’s the end of the year for school and I have a ton of stuff to do. And as school always is, it is all due this week! So I’ve been just barely making deadlines. Plus, I have a ton of fashionish projects to do (which is soon be updated on this blog!) that I am so incredibly excited to share.

With all the projects in play this week – I (sadly &) unfortunately have to flake out of the SPEED FEATURE Barbie post this Thursday – but I GUARANTEE you it’ll be up by Saturday at the latest. I have a few other posts lined up that’ll be up soon; as soon as this week is over I’ll be able to post more frequently. And I really cannot wait till summer! I’ll be able to post everyday. That is, if I have something post-worthy.
I’m kind of lacking in visuals which is the main reason why I haven’t been able to post. What’s a good post without pictures? But I plan to take some photos soon. Until then, I suppose this adorable photo of my Auntie’s dog, Buddy shall do.
I love this photo, I find it so funny.

So, expect more to come! A big hug to all my readers- I love hearing from you & your suggestions – so please e-mail me at my NEW e-mail rach@rachspeed.com – My other one no longer exists. See you guys soon.


– SPEEDFEATURE (Barbie 3/3) will be posted on Saturday, April 24th 2010.

– However, I might do a post before then (on something unrelated); SpeedFEATURE’s take a lot of time to prepare so that’s why it takes longer….but any posts I might do before then are nevertheless fun!

– HAVE A NEW E-MAIL ; rach@rachspeed.com


xoxo Rach

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