UPdating – shawty is an eenie meenie miney mo lover

mint tea = my fave


Decided to post some pictures of my day yesterday, I hope you readers love it! Our symphony performed at one of the Universities here.

Photos taken by alexncars!

Spotted: I see you!
Our uniform is basic black collared shirt, black dress shoes, black skirt or trousers… boring. I always try to make the uniform more me. Usually I wear a high waisted red skirt, and those Marni heels… today I decided to try something different! A tutu, a boyfriend blazer, and the black collared shirt. The tutu was from Forever 21, my favorite! They have a ton of crinolines and tutus in stock all the time! Even though the whole outfit is basic black (besides the red on the Louboutains!), I like the different textures of the crinoline and the satiny texture of the boyfriend blazer. Classic black, you can never go wrong. And in case you didn’t know…I play the cello! It’s an absolutely beautiful instrument, I’m just not and YoYo Ma, if you know what I’m saying!
Even though I have a load of homework to do, I’ll make sure to post through out the weekend, during the weekend, I go on a blog frenzy! I’ll make sure to write about anything blog-worthy. I always manage.
Will see you guys soon!
BTW, my comments are not working – I’m not sure why! 🙁 So just tweet me or e-mail me for any suggestions, I’ll try to get it fixed soon!
Love, Rachel SPEED (check out what I’m listening to below!)

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  1. Anonymous

    love the outfit.
    how much were the louboutins?

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