The blazer is an absolute staple in my wardrobe, you can throw it over a dress on a cool evening, or match it up with jeans for a day shopping downtown. Blazers can come in so many styles, fabrics and fits. I feel that this is a timeless piece that you’ll be able to style differently as the trends change.

testing out lighting and spaces!
I styled it three ways with three different blazers – I’m sorry that my location isn’t all too exciting – just the basement downstairs. Nevertheless, let’s take a look, shall we?!
The first blazer (below) I picked was kinda vintage-y tweed, it’s this lovely brown and goes with pretty much everything! To make this a preppier look, I paired it with a collared shirt & a nice khaki coloured skirt and leather platformed heels (Alexander McQueen). The blazer makes this outfit look much more put together. I also love the mixture of textures.
The second blazer is very different from the first, being the classic black blazer. I would prefer it to be looser and more of a “boyfriend” style, but I have yet to find the boyfriend blazer for me (my cousin J has a great tuxedo style on from Aritzia)! I wanted to make this more of a “night look” so I wore a gray dress, a sequined beanie and a silver vintage clutch, and some heels. I also added some jewelry because I wanted it to be a little more edgy.

Blazer #2 – Night look!
The third blazer I chose was a “summer white” blazer. It has some shiny swirls as the pattern, if you look closely. I wanted this look to be more casual, so I just wore some thong sandals and a white flowy top underneath with my favorite worn-in jeans.
see the swirls?

All blazers are coincidentally from Club Monaco. However, were not purchased all at the same time. They have great blazers there, and there quality is great. If you’re there at the right time, you might actually be able to snag one on sale, like we did for the white one! I don’t exactly remember how much it was, but it was a definite steal. Overall, I think a blazer (any style!) is a great piece to own, and you’ll be able to wear it for many seasons to come.
Love, Rachspeed
PS. Now…a quick quick update! – I’ve been getting a few questions from some people about my pictures! Well, for starters I take about 99% of my photos, my sister and alexncars have taken some shots, but yes, I do take all of my own photos. I love photography. Also! I want to hear more feedback – so e-mail, twitter… you name it! Reach me at any of the links I have on this site. And lastly, I’m not sure why my comments aren’t working – but hopefully they’ll be up soon. I’m doing the best I can. xoxo

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