To go along with my contribution to, I decided to write a post on a classic; the trench.

The trench coat is perfect for spring, or fall weather. I loved taking photos with my choice, this green Hugo Boss leather trench. It added a twist on the classic khaki trench coat. Since it was leather, it made the feeling of the coat warmer, and have a much edgier feel. As a lovely contrast, I wore a floral, flouncy, retro looking dress from H & M. Paired it with these AMAZING shoes from Miu Miu.

Any whoo, This was just a quick post to show my unconditional love for this coat which will never go out of style. I will post more photos below!


View the complete set at HYPEED

Anyways, I felt completely crazy taking pictures all by myself at the hill near the park. It was weird and people walking on the streets were probably thinking “what is she doing!”. It was all in good fun though.

Hope to write soon!

XOXO rach

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