SPEEDFEATURE: BARBIE. Enough said. (1 of 3)

Welcome to this month’s RachSpeed mini series. I’ll be calling this section SPEEDFEATURE for
anyone who wants to refer back to it! On Thursday for the next three weeks, I’ll be blogging about a certain theme; the posts will be beauty, fashion, lifestyle related…you name it! As my first SPEEDFEATURE, the theme is everyone’s favourite doll, Barbie!

As a little tyke, I was absolutely obsessed with everything Barbie. To girls all over the world, Barbie was their best (plastic) friend for many years, and this iconic blonde doll will always have a special place in their heart.

I’ve researched Barbie, and I’d love to share a few fun facts I’ve found about her!
  • Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts
  • The creator of “Barbie” is named Ruth Handler, and named the doll after her daughter, Barbara
  • Barbie has had over 40 pets including cats, dogs, horses, a lion cub, a pet panda and a zebra
  • She has many cars; a pink corvette, trailers, jeeps & a Volkswagen new beetle
  • Her & her boyfriend, Ken have an on & off relationship; broke up in 2004; now apparently back together.
I love Barbie! So, as a fun post, I’m going to share some of my favorite collectors Barbies my sister & I have. Over the many years we’ve owned these Barbies, it’s always been way too tempting and too difficult to NOT open them! Now, I finally understand the point of “collector item”- but it doesn’t make it any less tempting to rip her outta the box & dress her up.
“Summer Sophisticate Barbie”
This barbie is sort of fifties era styled. Her tailored outfit, the round luggage case…a hand bag, this barbie is definitely a summer sophisticate! I can definitely see her strolling along the board walk with her sunglasses on! Her makeup is very chic too! the blue shadow, the liner, the red lip – a very classic barbie look. She is absolutely gorgeous!
Eliza Doolittle from “My Fair Lady”
Based on Audrey Hepburn’s character Eliza Doolittle from the classic “My Fair Lady”, Mattel really outdid themselves. The costumes on these barbies are absolutely phenomenal. Every little detail is on the dresses, and looks pretty identical to the outfits in the movie! In the pink outfit, you can see the detail on her hat, isn’t it beautiful! I’d love to see a dress like that!

Now, I think this Barbie deserves a drum roll…
This is my FAVORITE barbie in the world, hands down. The first barbie ever made. This is an anniversary edition, and she is absolutely stunning. Always sexy and chic, her black and white bathing suit, and white cat eye sun glasses complete the classic look. I’d actually love to find a bathing suit like this! How cool would that be! Her bangs, the hair, makeup, uuuugh I adore her!
Anywhoo! These were my most favorite Barbies of the Barbie collection we have (we don’t have an extensive collection or anything). All these inspired me to do this fun series this month! Full of barbie inspired beauty looks, fashion looks… Haha I’m not sure sure of what else.
I hope you enjoyed my barbie post, who doesn’t love Barbie! Expect a new Barbie SPEEDFEATURE post next Thursday. Until then, my blog will be full of whatever else I feel like posting! If you have any ideas, feel free to suggest them on my twitter, comments or e-mail me at rachspeed@live.com.

Gray knit sweater
Light Pink Scarf – Gap
Old, ripped skinny jeans
Boss Boots
Headband (only wore at home to hold up my bangs!) – China town for 1$!
Love, Rachspeed xoxo

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