Rompity Rompity Romp Romp Romperrr!!

While searching for a lovely item in order to complete our task (task completed!) – bestie (1 of 2) Nicole was rifling through the racks at Forever 21, when she came across a whole selection of rompers. I pretty much went to heaven right then and there.

Me & my gorgeous bestie, N at Semi Formal!

Rompers Rompers Rompers! I’ve been vying for one ever since. Honestly, It’s been my own personal quest to find the perfect romper. Now, I’ve finished my quest, and quite happy with the result. I feel now that I need a whole bunch more, a romper collection! Ha, this may sound super dorky, but I love how the top and the shorts are connected. You just need to accessorize and its the base of your outfit.
The romper I purchased was from, you guessed it! Forever 21. I absolutely love Forever. Although it might seem quite overwhelming in there from the start, you’re bound to find something great. It’s inexpensive as well. I like to mix inexpensive pieces with others on the more pricey side, isn’t that what fashion is all about? SO. Lemme get to the romper now! It’s black, with shiny black buttons with gold detail, short, a cinched waist &… ruffles! How fun right? It’s the perfect piece you can either dress down with a jean jacket (my outfit for school tomorrow!) and sandals, or you can wear heels (my choice; the Marni Heels in my Alice post) and a cute clutch – you’ll be ready for a night on the town.
romper maniaa!
An Alternative…

To show my romper in this post – I chose cute sequin flats and a quilted chain bag. Ughh! I love this! However, I wanted to show another way to wear it, so I paired it with a cardigan & a red embroidered bag from my aunt.
Rompers make me happy.

Anyways, I’ve been feeling so good lately about my blog! Due to the long 4-day weekend, I’ve been able to blog & post so much. Much more often then usual. I’m kinda sad that I probably won’t be posting this often for a while. 🙁 Haha, this past weekend, I’ve posted about twice a a day, contributed to, updated my chictopia, hung out with friends, chatted with the beufwen…i’m pooped! I’ve spent so much time trying to make this blog absolutely perfect! What do you kiddos think? E-mail me at or tweet me!

Lots of Love, Rachel

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