RAINBOOTS: Let’s Splash in Puddles!

Wellingtons, Rubbers, Rainboots…Rainy days like today will always be sunnier in the perfect pair of rainboots! Look your best in any style. Today my lovely readers, I decided to post about the three wellies I own! Three completely different styles! 🙂

The first look I did was with the classic Hunter Wellington. Based in the UK, these boots are absolutely perfect for rainy weather. And up here when it’s freezing in the T-Dot, they are actually amazing in slush! You can even buy the fleecy liners and they can double up as winter boots. Hunters are about knee-high and are great trudging through rain and snow. They also look fantastic with dresses and skirts, which I have done throughout the entire season. Since they are indeed the classic rainboot, I paired it with a classic hat and khaki coloured trench! However, these boots are actually quite versatile! The Hunters I own are navy blue, although the colour didn’t translate onto the photo, they appear black. They do come in a variety of colours! My next Hunter purchase will be patent fuschia pink I hope! 🙂 Hunters range in price depending on the store, but I think they are around 130 – 150 dollars.
These rainboots are a COMPLETELY different style, which I love as well. These boots are military style, with laces all the way up – with just a hint of a soft, girly pink! I find that they look like Doc Martens! These are a little tougher and edgier, but I bet they would look great with girly skirts or cargo pants. I paired it with an army green jacket, a denim top and a pink scarf & skinny jeans. This would be ideally what I would wear with these boots. They are completely made out of rubber, and are completely waterproof. Also, they are knee length, so they are great when the weather gets bad. However, I wouldn’t recommend to wear them in extremely cold weather because they are not lined, but maybe you can if you wear thick socks. The laces in the front even tie up! These boots were purchased for 100$ at Capezio.
Splish Splash!
Finally, the cutsey rainboots – who can go wrong with polka dots and Paul Frank? These were the best steal, being that they were 50$! I wore a orange striped top to bring out the brightness of the dots on the boot! As a jacket, I wore a short military jacket. I would wear these in warmer weather versus the Tretorns and the Hunters, because they are shorter and thinner. They are indeed short, so they are better for puddles and not so much slush and snow. However, they are super cute, and I would even think they would look cute with bright dresses or shorts!
Over all, I think that rainboots are such a great investment piece. I’ve seen cute ones everywhere! One of my favorite picks were the Liberty of London little girl rain wellies at Target, they were absolutely gorgeous, however I think they are now discontinued. I have also seen cute ones at Wal-Mart! If you have an absolute fave pair of rainboots, e-mail a photo @ rach@rachspeed.com!
I am absolutely so sorry I didn’t get to my RACHSPEEDFEATURE yesterday! I took a power nap and felt sort of sick so I couldn’t get to it…but expect it Thursday as per usual! Anyways, I will get more consistent with my posts, I promise you!
Love, Rach!

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