RachSpeed in Wonderland

Due to the hype of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I decided that my outfit today will be “Alice” inspired. As a kid, I always loved Alice in Wonderland, and I always thought Alice always looked so magical in her bright blue dress and mary-janes. So taking from a childhood inspiration, I decided to create the look myself!
Inspiration: Alice, In the Disney Cartoon

For makeup, I opted for simple clear skin, winged liner and a red lip. Classic, and went with the retro look. I also had wavy-curly hair, which was supposed to look soft and tousled. OH! And I almost forgot, a bold brow (although, doesn’t look to bold in this photo)! I love the look of full brows. Check it out!

My Alice Makeup Look

To make this more my taste, I chose a dress with princess sleeves and a hem on the shorter side- but the skirt still flounces out like the original dress. I wore a black headband, and some MARNI mary-jane pumps. As an accessory, or if I were to were this on the street, I would bring this vintage silver clutch. This outfit is modern, with the high waisted skirt of the dress and the high heel of the shoe – but still has a retro feel; the collar, the headband, the clutch. The biggest goal however, was to try to make this look take from the inspiration, without it being too costumey.
it’s Rachspeed in wonderland!
Arrived in Wonderland, Fashionably late, of course.

Alice alert!
Dress; H&M
Clutch; Vintage, Kensington Market
Headband; Club Monaco

Do you think Alice would approve?
Love, RachSpeed

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