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Hello everyone!

So, I haven’t done a web review in a while (Picture to the left is me out & about!) (it was actually one of the first posts!). A few weeks ago, I found this website which is an online fashion magazine, and … the members are the contributers! As a girl who wants to pursue a career in fashion communication (I want to work for a magazine one day!) – this is an absolute dream for me!
Hypeed, has yet to dissapoint me. Its a fun website that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with. Although I’ve only been on Hypeed for about two weeks, I’m already a connoiseur (a rank you get when your extremely active on Hypeed) due to my addiction. It’s a good addiction though, because it’s all about fashion and magazines…which I love. And the entire community is so nice too! It’s not the stilletto-wearing catty environment that you might think it is.
Main page of Hypeed
So, the main activity on this site is the open contribution calls, where you can submit photos of your outfit which revolve around a theme. There are usually about six themes at a time, if not less or more. There are two types of themes which members can contribute their outfit photos to;
1. Classic theme: A timeless staple like a trench coat or denim, or a certain patterns (or mixing it up!) that you are able to put your twist on it, style it however you like! (ie. denim can be either a classic jean, or a whole jumpsuit!)
One of my contributions
2. Creative theme: Gives you an inspiration idea to draw from to create your look. At the moment, the creative themes are coffee and music.
My Profile on Hypeed
Hypeed prefers high quality photographs, and also have them approved by a moderator before they can be scored. The highest scored sets in the contribution calls will be published in their online magazine. The site is easy to maneuver, and straight forward- which I like very much. Hypeed is still a fairly new company, so I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next! Hypeed call’s themselves the “Fashion Magazine for Real People”, and it is just that! Real people with great style sharing their looks in one online magazine. What an ingenius idea!
When I made member of the day, no lie, I just about fainted.

Overall, Hypeed is my new craze, and I can’t wait to contribute more! I will definitely tweet about it when I do. I’ll post the links to Hypeed, their twitter & their blog below!
Love, Rachspeed
Hypeed Blog: www.blog.hypeed.com
Hypeed Twitter: www.twitter.com/hypeed
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