Anyway, I did a fun craft last night I’d like to share :). I always loved the “bejeweled” idea on electronics. However, this is usually pricey and permanent (unless you have a case which is bejeweled). A bedazzled phone can usually cost a good share, as it is made of swarovski crystals.
As I was at my local dollar store, I found the best idea in the craft aisle! They are these self-adhesive gems which came in various sizes in vibrant colours! For about a hundred crystals of various sizes (this is what comes in one packet) it costs 1$. For this project I used about 4 packets, which is about 400 crystals. Each packet I chose was a different colour. I opted for lime green, hot pink, purple and silver! Super girly colours!
My bargain crystals!

People who are super tedious in their work (like my mother), can use tweezers to apply the smaller gems. However, as a precaution not to wreck my new ipod, I decided to use my fingers, which worked pretty well. (I have small fingers though!) – Another great thing about these crystals is if they fall off you don’t have to fret because they are so incredibly inexpensive. In addition, they come off easily and do not ruin the original surface of your ipod. I tried to do swirly stripes on my ipod!
My sister & mother also did their ipods. My sister’s is the ipod touch & my mother’s is the other ipod classic (with the cool, blue colours)
– If you didn’t notice within the pictures, I actually bejeweled my headphones as well – It gives you a little ear candy! So cute. I hope this post inspires you to bejewel your stuff too!
– Also, since the adhesive isn’t the stronget on the jewels, I plan to actually use a glue gun and put them onto a clear case, that way I can have my ipod bejeweled or not, and plus it’s much more reliable that the jewels do not fall off!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day & expect a post very very soon!
xoxo Rach
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