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How about being stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time! That is the best form of multitasking I’ve heard in a while. This is one of the main projects I’ve done this month, and I can’t wait to show you! At my school, our environment council and culture council put together a fashion show – part were recylced outfits and part were cultural outfits. I am happy to say I was featured as one of the designers in the show! It was really an honor. Anywhoo, I decided to mesh the cultural and ecological aspect together and create …. a kimono, out of coffee filters! I put a fashiony twist onto the kimono, and added a shorter hem and flowers cascading along one side of the collar.
I used coffee filters in two different sizes, and I glue gunned them so they fanned out. I also decided to add a bolder shoulder to make it a more edgy and include the cultural aspect of it.
My lovely friend, Rachel (I know! Same name!) was a fantastic model and the dress fit her to a tee. In the photos, she wore some metallic gold sandals by French Connection. On the runway, she wore black strappy heels, also by French Connection.

So now, my lovely readers! Here is the shoot I did …Featuring the gorgeous Rach V. !

In action!

The Back, and Front

Overall, the fashion show was an amazing experience and I will definitely participate next year, except I hope that I’ll be able to design more dresses! Also, it has taught me to become much more environmentally conscious as well as gain a much greater interest in helping the environment! It was alot of working, but definitely worth it! Overall, the show was absolutely fabulous, and a big thank you to the MEAC for letting me express my creative (and ecological!) talents!

The dress makes its debut

Giggling backstage! (pictured left), Rachel & Rachel! (on the right)

xoxo RachSpeed

The dress (in it’s earlier stages)

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