Almost in Paris with my Gypsy Chandelier!

So… If you’ve read my older posts, you will know that we are in the slow process of redoing our room. If my wonderful mother ends up getting a blog, I’ll definitely link it, she has fabulous taste.

We attempted to paint a few months ago, but with the chandelier as a new focus, the walls look too washed out! We have to paint again, maybe on the next long weekend? Anyways, back to the chandelier – It was a present from my auntie & uncle (hello! if you are reading this!) – I absolutely adore it! It is sold in Urban Outfitters, “The Gypsy Chandelier”. Unforch, it’s only shipped to US customers, so living up here in Toronto made it a difficult quest to get! It’s all my favorite vibrant colours; Chartreuse, bright blue, hot pink and a deep orange. I love it so much! It was such a pain to install it though… we still have this awkward space between the ceiling and the fixture that we’re planning on improving… its a work in progress!
Chandaaaaaah-lier !

A lovely corner of the room, with the Eiffel tower canvas (do you see Billy, my fish?!)

Another amazing piece we got for our room came from no other, Ikea! I absolutely love Ikea. Mmm and their 50 cent hot dogs… Anywhoo, a few months ago we got this canvas picture of the Eiffel Tower. Its large, over size which I LOVE. Anywhoo, we’re still working on it… just wanted to give a quick update!
Love, Rach

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  1. Anonymous

    Looooooving the chandelier!! Ordered one for myself and now when I found a picture with it lights on, loving it even more than before ordering!!

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