ADDICTED: NeverShoutNever! & updates!

Probably my favorite artist ever!
NeverShoutNever! has yet to dissapoint me. With happy, harmonic tunes of the ukelele, Christofer Drew Ingle (one man band) always satisfies my mellow music cravings. I’ve been addicted for about a year! I think I’ve heard every single song off every single EP. Honestly. I love it.

Most recent CD

For you guys to sample, will add some of his work to my IPOD on my blog (you can actually control it like a real ipod! how cool!).

My favorites:

Losing it (my fave by far)

So what else have I been up to lately?
Well, this is my first update since I started my blog. I’ve been trying to do more blog posts about fashion, – as a matter of fact its been quite hard to take all these photos by myself, haha I’m my own makeup artist, stylist, photographer – hah I look crazy trying to do it all by myself in the park. The photos I took were for a contribution on (rate my photos in the section “the ever stylish trench coat”!) – And I am so happy and thankful to all the people who read my blog – thank you! I’ve been hearing some great positive feedback from my viewers, it makes me want to post all day! Want to give my some suggestions? Comment or e-mail me at (I’ll make sure to get back to you!). Also, check out my chictopia and rate! thanks again to everyone, you really do make my day!

love rach

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  1. Benjii

    I'm going to see Never Shout never on Wednesday!

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