A New Train on the RACHSPEED TRACKS…featuring the mascots of Vancouver 2010!

A new train case? Really?

My mother & I went to wal-mart this week – we couldn’t help ourselves! I also bought some new, vibrant matte nail polishes – 2 for 4 dollars! Did I mention that I LOVE wal-mart? This train case is metal, crisp & I find that it looks much more professional than my makeup train case (see my post about my train case here!). But I love both oh so much…!
The babies

The New Addition

Inside of it, I keep my nail polish (semi-organized by the brand), cotton pads, q-tips, nail polish remover… you name it! Any essentials for a proper manicure or pedicure is stored in my nail polish train case.

The Interior
I love these hard beauty storage cases because it’s so easy to bring over to a friends house to get ready! This way, you have all your makeup in one place and it’s stowed away the neatest, most organized way! Considering the good quality of the case, I think it was worth the price of 19.99. It’s a good buy in the long run because it’s portable, sturdy and handy for all your beauty necessities.
The Nail Polishes I got (shown above): Green with Envy, Caribbean Coral, Pacific Blue, Sun Kissed – All tropical themed! Love it. And at the price of 2 for 4$?! Why not. Sally Hansen has yet to fail me, application is good, colours are vibrant, and it doesn’t seem to chip.
On a completely random note! I thought I’d mention these cute & cuddly plushies! They are the mascots of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.
Train Cases, check. Miga, Quatchi, Sumi in tow. Ready for the world!
My lovely grandma got them for my sister, brother & I at the Bay! So cute!
xoxo I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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