Trays, Trains & Love.

Guys and dolls,
How has everyone’s March madness gone? Swell I hope. My break has gone slowly, but surely has come to it’s last days. My family & I went on a short (but sweet!) trip to Buffalo, and we shopped till we dropped!
Well, they shopped till they dropped. I actually didn’t purchase anything for myself except a few staples for the bedroom. My sis and I are actually in the long painful process of re-doing our room. We have some of it down (the chandelier & the amazing eiffel canvas), but it is still in its beginning stages! I’ll make sure to let this blog in on the (very slow) process. Hopefully, it’ll all be worth it!
The first item (STEAL!) is these lovely, vibrant trays from Target. They were about $2.50 (!!!), plastic and absolutely great. We bought two (one for each of us), and it’s super handy beside my bed on my night table. Wanna take a peek at what’s on my tray? Take a look below…
My tray!

You might notice the beautiful chihuahua on the tray (and on my new banner!) … introducing sexy wha wha! Haha, it’s actually a piggy bank my mom bought me for christmas and it comes with feather boa, blinged out collar and all! Love love it :).
sexy whawha on the loose!
The second great buy was also found at Target, and it is a train case. Basically, it stores all of our (sis’s & mine) makeup. It was this raised velvet pattern that is fun, and it has a ton of space to house all of our glosses, blushes & bronzers. It is also great to carry on the go and to bring to a friends house to get ready for a night out. It’s a good size, and a good price! About 25$.
Choo-Choo Train Case!
The Real Deal!
It’s perfect and fits all my makeup 🙂 I plan to find one for my nail polish & etc too. Easy & on the go! Love.
All in all, Buffaluffalo was worth the trip!

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