Stuff I Love This Month!

Just a few pretty things…
(click on the photo for a larger view)
So, these are a few things I’m absolutely adoring in the month of March. I’ve been super duper loving anything with the union jack on it. Tryin’ to channel ginger spice a little bit? Haha, nah, I just love all the furniture with the union jack on it! It gives a classic piece a funky twist. I also been loving LADY ANTEBELLUM. I’m a sucker for anything country, and this band is on my ipod on REPEAT. I think they’re going to be huge, and they’ve already performed at the Grammy’s.
Now onto stuff I’m definitely drooling over this month:
1. A romper (the one in the collage is from Forever 21), I really really love these! Wouldn’t it just be so cute in the summer with sandals and a cardigan? Cuteee. Forever has a few in stock, but I’m sure there will definitely be more to choose from once all the summer clothing hits the shelves.
2. Moccasins! Ah, I just bought my own minnetonka pair from Over The Rainbow. 30$! Whatta steal.
What are your fave things this month?
xoxo Rachspeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

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