Organic Delish! & Tazo Tea!

Hello readers!

Welcome to my first food blog! (All of my food blogs will fall under the category “RachBITES”) If you know me personally, you would know that I am constantly snacking! Food is a hidden passion of mine. I watch food shows all the time – and if I wasn’t so passionate about fashion, I can definitely say I would be committing the rest of my life to struggling to become the next Iron Chef (Iron Chef America, anyone?)! On Sunday, me, my aunt & my sister went to the Danforth… and I think I found my favorite healthy grocer!

Carrot Commons
The Entrance of “The Big Carrot”

I do have some indulgences (butter, cheese…McDonalds!), but this year I am trying my best to develop healthy eating habits! However, with so many additives & chemicals in food, it’s hard to be aware of what you’re actually putting into your body. Now, there are so many much more accessible places to get organically grown produce & organic food products. Besides my fave organic grocery haven, Whole Foods, I have found the newest organic grocery hotspot! In Carrot Commons on the Danforth there is a grocery called The Big Carrot (See photos above)! Not only does the Big Carrot sell produce, organic potatoe chips – they also sell organic beauty products & wellness books!

The Beauty Section at The Big Carrot
Beauty products are all organic, they also sell recycled material makeup brushes, and yummy all-natural ingredient soap. I didn’t purchase anything beauty related- but i’ll make sure to make a stop and get something next time I’m at the Danforth.
More Natural Beauty Products / Me in the beauty section!
Overall, it’s neat, clean – However, the products are slightly more expensive, because they are organic! In the Big Carrot, there is just as much variety of products as a regular grocery store, so you won’t have any less assortment of food to choose from. Go check it out 🙂
More shots of Me (and sis too!) in The Big Carrot!

The organic way is the healthy way!

Update: My mommy says that Whole Foods also has a great selection for all-natural beauty products, I’ll make sure to check it out when I get the chance to!
So, e-mail, twitter or comment your suggestions in to me, I’ll make sure to be checking them!
ALSO… I have a new favorite beverage (Arizona, you’ll always be my first love!)… Tazo Tea! Was at my Auntie’s house on Sunday (after we ate and enjoyed a nice meal (greek food, my fave!) at the Danforth) – While I chilled on the netbook and worked on this very blog post, I sipped on some hot Tazo Tea that my Aunt had. It came in normal tea bag packets, and it was super yummy! I chose Mint & Tarragon – the perfect pick-me up!
Drinking Tazo!
Hope all is well & Everyone had a great weekend & a great start to the week!
Love Rach Speed!

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