My School Bag

A school bag is a must-have for anyone, It makes it super easy to carry around books, pencils, make-up… you name it!

If you must carry a bag, why not it be a cute one? I’ve toted around many bags to school, and every now and then, I still switch around which one I use.

Backpacks are always the classic bag that mostly everyone will be carrying to school. They are easy, and a lot better on your back rather than a tote. As a matter of fact, one of the cutest backpacks I’ve see lately is one that my bestie N bought for a track and field meet. It’s a classic Jansport backpack, polka dotted and absolutely lovely!
Now what kind of bag do I carry, you may ask?
Well, now and then I occasionally use my Mountain equip co-op backpack, especially in the winter, when it snows like mad, its a lot easier to carry around. However usually, I use my lululemon “lucky tote”, which is a godsend! It’s purple, girly and absolutely positively CONVENIENT! I fell in love with it at first sight. The interior is great, and it has a pocket for everything! Its not too big, and not too small and I can carry all my school work in it as well as my makeup bag, ipod, camera…etc. It is actually very roomy and sometimes I don’t even realize how much stuff I have in it! (One time I didn’t even know I had shoes in it, can you believe it?) You can see what my bag looks like in the picture above. The bag was about 98$, which is a fair price. Lululemon makes great quality products, and this bag has yet to disappoint. It’s definitely one of my favorite purchases!
What bag do you carry around?
xoxo rach

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