Chictopia – A World of Chic! (What could be better?!)

Facebook, myspace, twitter, flickr – all these sites are for social networking, which is the for sure, the future of communicating. In a press of a button, your whole life can become broadcasted all over the technological world.

Now, there is a virtual haven by the name of Chictopia, which is basically facebook in leather jackets, rompers & louboutains! Its a fashion community online where people are able to post photos of OoOTD (outfit of the day), inspirations (sketches, drawings) or must-haves (those hot prada boots, anyone?). Its a pretty small community and none of the members have ever harassed me or been super bitchy or anything like that. In fact, everyone is pretty nice! People share their faves, hates about fashion and stuff they are absolutely drooling over. You are able to vote on other people’s pages, and you can see what everyone is wearing and where you can get something just like it! Chictopia also has contests every so often where you can post pictures of outfits and win some fabulous prizes! Mmm… I love this world of chic!
My chictopia was my OBSESSION (see photo for a glimpse of my page) when I first got it, but with school and such, I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I’d like to.
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Hope you all have a chic day! (Check out my page!)
xoxo rae
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